Transit Times

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Delivery Date:(format dd/mm/yyyy) Service: Receiver's state: Receiver's suburb: Sender's state:Sender's suburb: Despatch Date:

As an authorised user of StarTrack online, you have the ability to obtain information on our published transit times. Simply enter the Sender's suburb & state, receiver's suburb & state, service and despatch date. We will calculate the estimated time of arrival based on our published transit times.

Road Express - Days shown are Monday to Friday excluding day of pick-up. Transit times to and from Perth ex Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney include weekends.

Star Track Courier - Delivery to capital city destinations, excluding Darwin, is before 10.30am the following morning and promptly after first flight or vehicle arrival in other destinations.

Document Satchels - Satchels for movement of urgently needed documentation are available. A choice of overnight and nationwide document satchels (combined air and road service) are available.